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scientific conference about Andreas Hofer - english version

Andreas Hofer – a hero of tourism?

Call for papers. On 5th and 6th September 2008, the Touriseum, the South Tyrolean tourism museum, is organising a conference at Trauttmansdorff Castle near Meran on the subject of Andreas Hofer and his significance for the development of tourism in Tyrol. Hofer is the main historical figure who, in various guises, has been used for tourism promotion purposes. A wide spectrum of topics will be addressed at the conference, ranging from the “invention” of the Hofer myth, the depictions of Andreas Hofer in travel guides, film characters, plays and performances, the form taken by these images, monuments, souvenirs and the naming of roads, places and hotels, to different forms of tourism such as ethno-tourism and battlefield tourism. The contemporary significance of both the Tyrolean struggle for freedom and of Andreas Hofer and his fellow combatants in tourism strategies and in the Tyrolean consciousness will also be discussed. The conference does not intend to portray Andreas Hofer in a “correct” manner, but rather to show the images of him that have developed in the context of tourism while investigating the role that Hofer has played and stills plays in tourism. Proposals for contributions to the conference are invited for submission up until 30 January 2008. They should be sent to the Touriseum (Landesmuseum für Tourismus, St.-Valentin-Strasse 51 a, I-39012 Meran, Italy; email An abstract of the proposal should also be submitted (approx. 2000 characters). It is intended that contributions will be published. Professor Konrad Köstlin will act as the conference scientific director. Contributors’ travel and accommodation costs will be refunded, and they will in addition receive a fee for their participation.

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